U D U - U T A R

Have you ever played an Udu Utar? You can close and release your palm over the top hole for a complex bass tone or do the same on the side hole for a similar but higher pitched sound. Close the top hole with one hand and hit the side hole again and there's another sound. Hit the top with your fingers and then with your hand for a great variety of nice clay sounds. Finally, slap the neck hard with your hand and you get a nice sharp crack. What a wonderfully expressive instrument!

It's not easy to get a good sample library with all these different play styles properly sampled. It's even harder to find MIDI patterns that use all these sounds!

But now, using the AI power of Jamstix, you can add an Udu Utar to Jamstix and Jamcussion that includes all of the above sound types and does all the work for you. In fact, we even included Udu 'drum kits' that you can load into Jamstix and have ANY drumset-based style automatically translated to all six Udu sound types!

This MiniPak gives you limitless options to use the expressiveness of the Udu Utar in your percussion arrangements. Trust us, you'll be playing for hours checking out how this MiniPak can give you a whole new approach to many of your songs.

  • 153 Udu Utar samples:
    • top hole bass
    • top finger hit
    • top hand hit
    • side hole bass/top open
    • side hole bass/top closed
    • side neck slap
  • 2 new Jamcussion style models with 6 presets
  • new drummer model ‘Percy Udu’
  • 3 Jamcussion kits + 1 Jamstix drumkit


Requirements:Jamstix 3.3 or higher

List Price:


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