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Rayzoon Technologies was founded by Ralph Zeuner in 2001 to facilitate research and development of software that would simulate certain aspects of human musicians in order to simplify and accelerate song composition and arrangement.

The goal was not to develop accompaniment software similar to that found in portable keyboards but to devise rule-based systems that would react to MIDI or audio input autonomously but still allow the user to customize the response in many ways even down to hand-editing certain parts.

With the proliferation of the VSTi standard, Rayzoon was able to design a plugin concept that would serve as a synthesizer, arranger, sub-host and effect all in one, seamlessly integrating into many hosts. We believe that this technology does not replace human musicians but provides inspiration and opportunity. Many users have remarked on how their idea flow was stimulated simply by jamming with our instruments. Others are amazed how quickly they can express their concepts into fully arranged tracks.

Rayzoon has thousands of satisfied customers in 63 countries and is all about creating tools that inspire you and simplify the creation of your music. We are committed to providing you these exciting products at very low prices with solid support!

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