Breakbeat is an eclectic collection of styles and drummers for Jamstix. It greatly expands the expressive capabilities of the virtual drummer and is highly recommend to all Jamstix users, regardless of the major genres they may be working in. The flexibility of the Jamstix engine allows you to change, shape and merge any of these styles and drummers to achieve inventive grooves for any project.

This is a small but powerful expansion for Jamstix that focuses on breakbeats. We carefully analyzed a wealth of hip-hop beats as well as the original funk beats from the 60s and 70s, which were sampled so much during the 90s.

The result is a powerful new style for Jamstix that can emulate virtually any breakbeat you ever heard but also easily create new and original beats. We also added a new drummer model that provides groove feel and fill behavior fitting these styles.

Finally, we got down and dirty with all existing Jamstix sounds and created over twenty kits that provide typical breakbeat sounds, ranging from the tight 70s style to big fat ambient kits.

This MiniPak will make it easy for you to create original breakbeats as well as clones of famous grooves. Once you start playing with it, you won't be able to stop!

  • "Breakbeat" style with 24 presets
  • "Breakbeat 2Bar" style with 10 presets
  • new drummer model "Loopey"
  • 20 new kits (using existing sounds)

Requirements:Jamstix 3.2.0 or higher

List Price:


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