This MiniPak gives Jamstix the ability to generate Euclidean rhythms for drum set as well as Jamcussion (hand percussion).

Euclidean rhythms were discovered in 2004 by Godfried Toussaint and found to create a wide range of world rhythms. The algorithm used can be simply described as: “Within a length of equal musical ticks, distribute a given number of hits as evenly as possible.”

This is just the kind of thing that Jamstix excels at: apply a rule-based algorithm dynamically. We have created several styles (with many presets) for this MiniPak that give you a quick entry into this field.

We encourage you to play a lot with the Euclidean controls as explained in the manual so you may discover entirely new combinations that will inspire your music in new ways.

  • 4 new Jamstix styles with 23 presets
  • 3 new Jamcussion styles with 8 presets


Requirements:Jamstix 3.3 or higher

List Price:


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