This MiniPak enriches Jamstix with the sounds and rhythms of Flamenco dancers. You now have access to stomps, claps and castagnette sounds that can be used in Jamcussion as well as Jamstix.

Hand claps include a group clapping sound as well as distinct palmas sordas and palmas altas claps. Stomps come in a group sound as well as three distinct single stomps. The MiniPak is rounded off with castagnette and click-clack sounds.

When used in Jamcussion, you get various Flamenco styles as well as a new player model (Percy Dancer). We also added a Flamenco style for Jamstix so that you can have a combination of drums and Flamenco dancers performing the same rhythms.

Not a Flamenco musician? No problem, we have added 'stomp and clap' drum kits to this Pak that you can use with any Jamstix style to spice things up. Many genres of modern music now utilize stomps and claps and this Minipak will open up this approach for you.

  • 1453 new samples:
    • group stomp and clap sounds
    • 3 x single stomp sounds
    • 2 x Palmas Sordas sounds
    • 2 x Palmas Altas sounds
    • castagnette sounds
    • Click-Clack sounds
  • 5 new Jamcussion style models with 17 presets
  • 1 new Jamstix style
  • new player model “Percy Dancer”
  • 2 new Jamstix kits
  • 2 new Jamcussion kits


Requirements:Jamstix 3.3 or higher

List Price:


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