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Computer Music Awards [Rating: 9/10] "Jamstix 2 is fun, inspirational, and each of its virtual drummers do a fantastic job of interpreting the various styles in their own unique way. Jamstix 2 is a steal at this price..." (Computer Music Magazine)
SOS The sensation of having a virtual drummer respond to the dynamics of your playing is quite remarkable, and Jamstix throws in some genuine surprises that are very un-machine-like. (SoundOnSound Magazine)
KEYBOARDS It interacts with the play style of the user on a high level and, when used with high-end sound modules, allows a degree of realism that would otherwise require an extreme amount of hand editing. (KEYBOARDS Magazine)
EM I heartily recommend Jamstix for any PC-based producer of rock, funk, pop, or blues who wants realistic-sounding and -feeling drums in his tracks but does not have the resources to hire a human drummer. (Electronic Musician)

"I wish to express my sincerest congratulations to the radical, new and fresh thinking behind jamstix! You obviously know how to use a computer for the benefit of fellow musicians. While the rest of the world seems to be concentrating on endless virtual synthesiser emulations, you're taking things several steps further." - Sven Bornemark (Creator of Steinberg Groove Agent)

"I plug in my guitar, set Jamstix on Free Jam and I swear its fifteen minutes later! So, I try it again, and the next thing I know my wife is standing at the door asking if Iím coming to bed, since I told her Iíd be up an hour ago. I donít think itís the liquor. Any suggestions? I love this program!"

"This is the best VST instrument I have ever used, period. I'm having to redo all my old songs using Jamstix and BFD now, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. What a quality product, please keep up the good work"

"Very human sounding and the way it follows your playing dynamics is pretty much exactly like a real drummer would"

"A great innovative product, outstanding support, simply excellent. "

"this is simply the best support I have ever witnessed"

"What a revelation. Finally my virtual drum application wish comes true. I'm a Neanderthal when it comes to drum or synth programming, so this is a godsend."

"Very impressive plugin...I played with it yesterday night and i could not stop listening to the "drummer" while clicking and changing the rythm part"

"I'm playing with the demo and I have to sleep.... I must stop...."

"Fantastic product... Cannot believe it's so affordable !!! "

"Everything is very well designed, very easy and very fun to use ... "

"generates very good and varied grooves. Even when building your own rhythms from scratch you can get very good results fast. And the sound is great, just the right amount of ambience!"

"I have the feeling that Jamstix will be one of the most important VSTi in years."

"it's weird, I'm usually "ask 500,000 questions" then talk myself out of it with things......but this was an OH MY GAWD and here is the preorder money now! "

"I didnīt have as much fun in years with any VSTI as playing around with your demo "


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